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A Bit More About The Full Story


The Joshuafit Method is based on simplicity, safety, and effectiveness...

We apply these three foundational philosophies to exercise selection and implementation,

manipulating the time tested basic strength movements, cardiovascular conditioning methods, and flexibility development techniques that have been proven to work. No fads, gimmicks, or trends allowed. We avoid injuries and imbalances by removing high-impact movements, and gradually increasing the intensity of a program ONLY when the individual is ready. We ensure results by staying laser focused on personalized training programs that are specially designed for every individual, regardless of age, fitness level, or goals...

With all of these elements combined, we have a brilliantly simplified and ridiculously effective

method of training that is super safe for everyone, and crazy smart!

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josh bicep curl

It's time to harness whatever motivates YOU,

define what working out means to YOU,

choose the method of training that YOU like best, and make it happen.

Know that it's okay to take it easy.

HIT (High Intensity Training) is not for everyone.

Know that how you look is not the holy grail of fitness achievements. We are all shaped differently,

and for that we celebrate.

Know that there are many different modalities of conditioning. The right one is the one that works for YOU!

And finally, understand that just as important as your posture, is your pride: it will be strengthened at all levels of accomplishment.

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After a lot of hard work, numerous certifications,

and a lifetime of experience,

I'm proud to be able to offer a system of fitness

that is easily personalized,

breaks down the barriers of entry,

is safe, produces real results,

and exists entirely to empower YOU!…

Welcome to JOSHUAFIT.

It is my pleasure, and honor, to be a part of

your health and fitness journey.

ACE, ISMA, PGFA, IWA Certified

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