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Personal Training

Professional Personalized Fitness Training is the absolute gold standard of fitness conditioning.

We combine your goals, personality, and lifestyle, with a fitness professional that's

experienced and skilled in:

breaking down barriers to entry and consistency,

educating you to have purpose behind your efforts,

creating personalized programs that ensure success,

and systematically guiding you to your goals.

Private Sessions are available for 1-2 people.  

In-person sessions happen at the location of your choice:

The Train Station, In-Home, or Outside

Together we will experience your successes and realize your goals.


1-On-1 Sessions:

in Sayulita @ The Train Station...

 1 Session = $1,300mxn

3 Sessions = $3,450mxn

10 Sessions = $10,000mxn

In-Sayulita @ In-Home...

 1 Session = $1,700mxn

10 Sessions = $15,000mxn

Small Group Training:

Up to 4 people/session.

Summer Specials Starting in June.

Contact for Details and Pricing

**Ask About First Time Client Specials**


Complimentary Eval and Consultation

Outside Sayulita or For More Info



Josh with IWFB Body Comp Pro Marialye Trottier

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