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Personal Training

Professional Personalized Fitness Training is the absolute gold standard of fitness conditioning.

We combine your goals, personality, and lifestyle, with a fitness professional that's

experienced and skilled in:

breaking down barriers to entry and consistency,

educating you to have purpose behind your efforts,

creating personalized programs that ensure success,

and systematically guiding you to your goals.

Private Sessions are available 1-on-1,

or in small group monthly programs of 2-4 people.  

All sessions are held at The Train station: Sayulita's premier private personal training studio.

Together we will experience your successes and realize your goals.

Rates For 2024...

Private Personal Training Sessions:

$1000 pesos/single session

(Good for 1-3 people at a time)

Small Group Personal Training (4 players/Group)

2 Sessions/Week for 4 weeks = $2000pesos/person

3 Sessions/Week for 4 Weeks = $3000pesos/person

*contact for details

**Ask About First Time Client Specials**


Complimentary Eval and Consultation


The Train Station is NOT available for private rental


Outside Sayulita or For More Info


Josh with IWFB Body Comp Pro Marialye Trottier

colin smith single leg squat.jpg
Stacey Lat pull rear view.jpg

"Thirteen years ago I joined Mexifit working out with Josh on a regular basis.  After a couple months my body had changed dramatically, I lost weight, I was much stronger than ever before, and I was totally energized.  I felt as if my life had been transformed.  At 77 years of age I am very pleased to have recently reconnected with Josh at JoshuaFitSayulita.  His attention to the body and its mechanics is very professional and I appreciate the discipline and customized circuits.  Thank you, Josh" 


Michele Gillett, Retired, 77 Years Old

"I credit Josh’s experience and ability to adapt with a 2023 that for me has been injury and Illness free; whilst significantly building strength, conditioning and flexibility. 


Josh’s constant attention to detail and technique is always evident. He was able to develop a long-term phased plan to allow me to perform optimally at the recent Mexican Masters swimming championships.


I highly recommend Josh to anyone seeking to improve their athletic performance or simply seeking a better quality of life."


Colin James (52 years old)

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