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My personal training with Joshua has been like no other training session I’ve experienced.   I leave each session not only physically and mentally exhausted, but empowered, educated, and inspired. I feel supported, pushed to my limit in a safe and effective way, and each day I am stronger and more present in my body.  A personal investment I am very grateful to continue.


                Carmen Mcknight, 36 years old, Wedding Planner

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I became a personal trainer to bring power to the people! I believe that everyone has the ability to use fitness to improve the quality of their life, regardless of their goals, age, abilities or limitations. As a professionally certified personal trainer for more than 20 years, it has been my mission to challenge the physique-focused message of the fitness industry, break down the barriers to entry and success, and to simplify the path that leads to the realization of personalized goals. I don’t sell products, endorse trends, or push fads. To truly realize the benefits of what fitness can do for the individual, I have taken decades of training experience and developed a method of conditioning that is

brilliantly simplified and ridiculously effective.

ACE, ISMA, PGFA, IWA Certified


Professional and Exclusive Personalized Fitness & Wellness Training

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Professional Personalized Fitness Training is the absolute gold standard of fitness conditioning.

We combine your goals, personality, lifestyle, and desires, with a fitness professional that's experienced and skilled

in making fitness make sense, creating personalized programs that ensure success,

and systematically

guiding you to your goals.

1-On-1 training for the best "shape" of your life!!!

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Small Group Private Training

is now available for 2-4 people!!!

A fun and affordable method

of personal training...

Bringing access to the masses!

Form your own group,


join one of our

pre-scheduled monthly programs,

and share the gold standard experience with your friends, family, or peers...

Groups fill fast, so contact asap to score your spot!!!

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The Train Station!

Sayulita's premier

and ultra exclusive

Private Personal Training Studio.

A fully equipped micro-gym, stocked with

club quality gym equipment,

and completely dedicated

to the private personal training experience...

Available by appointment only.

NOT available for private rental.

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Thanks for your inquiry!

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